Foundation expands on an area of nearly 10,000 mq. It was crated at the beginning of 1910, by the naturalist Arturo Hruska and includes hundreds of trees and flowers species from all over the world.


Il Vittoriale degli Italiani (The shrine of Italian victories) The vittoriale is an hillside estate which expands for nearly 9 hectares, overlooking the lake. It is an intricate monument, made of a series of buildings, a big Amphitheatre, (the biggest on the Lake Garda, 1500 seats), avenues, squares, hangars, gardens and parks with fountains, water streams and a little lake. The house named by Gabriele d' Annunzio "Prioria" in which he lived, has been left as the Poet wanted.


With its 200 sculptures  from the last 3 centuries, the collection Hiky Mayr is  the most important exhibition of figurative works of the Divine Child. No museum and no private collection have such a rich and distinctive section of figurative representation related to Baby Jesus.  
These artistic sculptures represented naked or wrapped-up in precious costumes with fine embroideries, magnificent lace works, pearls and coloured glass stones, have not just an artistic value but also an historic ecclesiastic value.   
These masterpieces created in wood, wax, terracotta or papier-mâché demonstrate a religiosity directed to the cult of the Divine Child that at the start of the XVII century was very popular in catholic Europe.