The recipes that I offer are the result
of experience gained over the years.

Our Philosophy

I have worked with passion and commitment for about 20 years to offer typical dishes of our land trying to follow a model that brings out the value and high quality of organic products.

The search for and use of the products is mostly what allows me to follow the ethical principles and values of respect for the air, water and land and a sustainable economy.

The recipes that I offer are the result of experience gained over the years. The dishes are rich in natural colors, scents and tastes, with deep yet balanced flavors.

I do not use bouillon or industrial flavorings.

The menu follows the seasons, so we offer simple, tasty dishes that are also sophisticated and refined.

Part of the menu is dedicated to vegetarian and vegan diets, from appetizers to desserts, all produced in our kitchen at the moment, as well as pasta made with organic stone ground, semi-whole grain flour.

Special attention will be given to people with food allergies.

A complete gluten-free menu is available on request.



The restaurant is open to the public on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

Lunches may be made on request for a minimum of 15 people.

Dinners may be organized on request for a minimum of 2 people.

The restaurant is open from April until the end of October, or by request.
The restaurant offers:

3 dining rooms, seating 40/50 people

the veranda, with lake view, seating 30/40 people.


I need to know the story of a food.
I have to know where it comes from.

I have to imagine the hands that have grown, worked and cooked what I eat.
(Carlo Petrini)