We try to make sense of what we do.

Our hospitality proposals


Our idea of cooking considers the aspects of health, ethics and creativity, without neglecting taste
We believe that some of our choices have a significant impact on the territory, in particular on saving water and electricity and the preservation and promotion of local products.
Our dishes originate from Italian recipes mainly based on vegetables; our organic garden guides us in the choice of dishes with the rhythms of the season.
In addition to vegetables, we prepare fish, baked or grilled catch of the day.



The restaurant menu is typically seasonal because the vegetables are prepared from products from our vegetable garden or selected by us from organic farms.

The garden follows the criteria of organic farming; only organic fertilizer is used; e.g., manure from a barn near our restaurant. We use spring water for irrigation, and growth is aided only by the sun...

This little piece of nature is cultivated directly by our team.

At the base of everything,
the quality of the raw material