I'm Luca. I was born a lucky day in November 1965, to my mom Ersilia and dad Ambrogio.

The house, "Due di Moro," did not belong to my family; my roots are not on this earth, but rather in a country house in the Po Valley, where I spent the first years of my life.

Cold and fog were my constant companions; my grandmother Agnese and my legendary grandfather Luigi, called "Bigi Mor", were my family, earning their living with great sacrifices on a hectare of land. At the time, organic farming was not necessary, it was simply natural. That was, perhaps, why, after 30 years, I felt called to return to working the earth, trying to make my work a profession with respect for the environment.

In 1994, I was lucky enough to take the chance when buying the farm was first proposed to me.

In 2001, with Clara, the architect, I began the long, arduous renovation of the house that now hosts the bed and breakfast. The restaurant was completely transformed, but we tried as much as possible to respect its long history of 150 years, for example by repurposing many of the stones from the late 19th century building, renovating the floors where possible or replacing them with original pieces.

The year 2001 marked the start of building, and only in 2006 was I finally able to close the construction yard.

In all that time, stones, beams, doors, shutters, etc., passed through my hands; I tried to repurpose everything and give each object the right location in the house.

It was long, hard work for me, with the awareness of wanting to restore life to this house. Did I succeed? I always wonder ... 


... but you will be the judges, my guests who will live in my house for a few days.


Throughout this journey, where I could not wait for the achievement of my only goal, someone stayed by my side, patiently, for 17 years, enduring all the rhythms that this adventure imposed on me, but as is often the case when becoming too involved, you neglect the most important people, forgetting that a home is never as important as a family.

Thank you Eleonora, for standing beside me on this journey, offering me wisdom that I have not always been able to grasp; Tommaso, my support, who, now 17, grew up among plastering tools; Orlando, king of wishes, who steals your heart with his gaze, who splashed in construction site puddles with all his beautiful naiveté.

This home is a wonderful place; many of our guests call it "heaven on Earth." This is especially true when your soul suffers and your heart breaks, when whatever you may have, only emptiness remains...
I will be happy to accommodate all the sensitive people who, like us, have built a difficult but beautiful path stone by stone and share with them the emotions that this life, fortunately, gives us and which we often realize when "maybe" it is too late;
we will learn together to enjoy every moment because it is irreplaceable ...

Eleonora has now embarked on her professional career cooking at home, with so much passion and creativity. .. 
Contact: eleonora64@gmail.com 348 352 4109




Without them,
I wouldn't have what I have now ...